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Specialization Lets Us Focus On What We Do Best!

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Indulge me for a moment and imagine yourself visiting your primary care physician for your annual check-up.

You expect the usual report from your doctor. “Everything looks fine! See you back next year.” You expect your blood-work to come back normal and your doctor to give you a clean bill of health.

However, this time, she tells you that she needs you to see a cardiologist because there’s something on your EKG that she doesn’t like. She mentions words like “blockages” and “bypass surgery.”

Naturally, you immediately get in to see the cardiologist as quickly as possible—your primary care doctor’s receptionist, in fact, makes the appointment for you for that day.

What does that have to do with dentistry in Baton Rouge and Kidder Dental? I’ll explain.


Now, think of this… did it cross your mind to ask your primary care doctor to treat your heart problem herself?

Would you feel more comfortable with someone who treats cardiac issues all day long, every day, and has additional training in this specialized area of medicine?

Of course!

You wouldn’t expect your primary care physician to perform surgery, or attempt to treat cancer.

In the same way, Dustin and I consider ourselves primary dental care providers. We “specialize” in restorative dentistry, in other words, fixing teeth.

One of our core values is that our practice is specialized. We offer the best care available within our scope of practice. When our patients require something outside of that realm, we work with wonderful specialists who have additional training in that area and limit their practice to just that aspect of dentistry.

Practicing in this manner assures that we get our patients the best that dentistry has to offer, and it allows us to focus our efforts on honing our skills in our area of specialization.

Narrowing our focus

We recently had the opportunity to attend a continuing education course, where one of the speakers talked about branding.

She encouraged us to narrow our focus and to communicate who we are specifically, knowing that we can’t appeal to every single person in our community.

She used the analogy of a restaurant she had passed by on the streets of San Francisco. The restaurant’s menu offered all types of cuisine – Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, and American.

Now, I don’t know about you, but in a city like San Francisco, where you have some of the best restaurants in the world, I wouldn’t want to take my chances in a place like that.

Could the cheeseburger be ok? Yeah.

But will the Caprese salad be made with locally grown tomatoes and basil, and fresh mozzarella made from pasture-raised cow’s milk? Probably not.

The solution for great food: specialization.

Offering only the best

One of our jobs as general dentists in Baton Rouge, LA… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, is to treat every patient as comprehensively as that patient desires and deserves, with the greatest resources available.

In a community like Baton Rouge, we are fortunate enough to have fantastic specialists in all disciplines of dentistry.

We have chosen to limit our practice to those services at which we are the best and to make sure our patients get the best available for what we feel is outside of the procedures we do every day.

Another one of our core values is The Golden Rule – treating our patients the way we would want to be treated.

If I ever find myself or a member of my family in need of an implant or a root canal, I know that I want them to be treated by the best specialist available.

I want my patients to have that same experience!

It may involve visiting another office and meeting another Baton Rouge dentist, but time and time again, our outcomes are better when we practice this way.

Contact us today to experience a specialization in dentistry that focuses on providing you with only the best.

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