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Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Strips

A female placing a Whitening teeth strip on her teeth

Are you looking to improve your smile?

Finding the right teeth-whitening product takes time and effort – especially with so many options available.

Today, however, we’ll be focusing on just one common method: teeth whitening strips.

What are teeth whitening strips?

Teeth whitening strips are small strips of plastic containing bleaching materials.

These are typically available over the counter and can provide a quick, easy touch-up for the shade of your teeth.

However, for more significant results, you’ll need to see a dentist for professional teeth whitening.

How do they work?

Whitening strips work by applying hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxides, or similar bleaching chemicals directly to the teeth. These compounds penetrate multiple layers of your teeth to whiten stains, similar to how household bleach can remove stains from clothing.

Do they really work?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), whitening strips can help effectively remove stains on teeth and whiten them.

Home whitening strips contain lower concentrations of whitening ingredients than dentist-supplied products. As such, it’s best to temper your expectations.

The strips’ effectiveness relies on the chemicals’ strength and how long they remain on your teeth. However, whitening can cause sensitivity and isn’t perfect for every situation.

Even if you are considering using over-the-counter teeth whitening strips, we advise you to talk to our team first.

What to look for

When shopping for whitening strips, you may wish to consider the following:

  • Ingredients: Opt for products that contain proven-effective ingredients, including carbamide and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Dentist approval: If you’re unsure, please, reach out to us! We can give you advice based on our professional experience.
  • Customer reviews: Reviews generally don’t lie, so do your research.

How to use

Before using whitening strips, you should carefully follow any information on the product’s packaging, as well as instructions from your dentist.

In general, it’s best to brush your teeth before teeth whitening to ensure that plaque won’t get in the way. For certain brands, you may need to wait a bit to avoid applying strips immediately after brushing.

Pros and cons

The advantages of teeth whitening strips generally come down to at-home convenience and speed of treatment.

However, strips can only provide minimal improvements to shade, even after multiple prolonged sessions.

If you’re looking for more noticeable results, it’s best to reach out to your dentist for professional whitening.

Are teeth whitening strips safe?

Yes, if you use them correctly and according to manufacturer specifications. However, you may experience tooth and gum sensitivity for a few days, depending on the brand and how it’s applied.

Teeth whitening with Kidder Dental

If you’re ready to revitalize your smile, reach out to us! We offer affordable, high-quality, in-office whitening, followed by custom-made whitening trays for you to use at home.

Our teeth whitening services are fast and efficient. We know how to protect your gums and focus on your oral health while achieving amazing results.

Schedule a visit today to learn more about our teeth whitening services.


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