Dental Crowns

Repair a damaged or decayed tooth.

No One Will Notice Your Crown

This restoration is custom made to look natural.
Closeup of a woman smiling with a dental crown

Teeth don’t repair themselves or heal on their own. So if you have a severely damaged or decayed tooth, you may need a dental crown.

A dental crown is a durable tooth-like cap placed over your existing tooth. It restores your tooth’s:

  • Appearance: Smile, laugh, and talk without embarrassment. Crowns blend in with surrounding teeth.
  • Strength: Chew without pain and protect the remaining healthy tooth structure from further damage and decay.
  • Health: Any disease will be removed, preventing it from spreading and leading to other oral or overall health issues.

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Make Your Teeth Strong & Healthy Again

You’ll also love these advantages of crowns:

Crowns fix cracked, broken, decaying, worn down, misshapen, and discolored teeth.
Cost Effective
Saving your tooth with a crown costs less than alternatives, such as a tooth extraction and dental implant.
Long Lasting
Dental crowns last 10 to 15 years on average, making it a worthy investment.
Avoid Bone Loss
Preserving your tooth root maintains the tooth’s surrounding bone structure, which supports your face.
Save Money
Restoring your tooth vs. extracting it or leaving it untreated helps prevent additional dental problems and consequent procedures.
Improved Comfort
Chew your favorite food again without pain. Crowns help evenly distribute biting force.

I always feel relaxed and grateful. They do a wonderful job, whether just cleaning or putting on crowns, etc.!

Alison B., 5-Star Google Review

Why Our Crowns Last Longer

We take an extra step to ensure a successful outcome.
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When you get a crown, the existing tooth will need any decayed or damaged structure removed.

Traditionally, the crown is designed based on what’s left of your tooth. However, many teeth are left weak and insufficient to support a crown long term. This causes crowns to wear down quickly and need frequent replacements.

At Kidder Dental, we don’t want you to experience short-lived results or waste money.

That’s why we place a core buildup on your tooth before designing and placing a crown.

A core buildup consists of durable, tooth-colored material that replacing essential missing tooth structure, so your tooth can support a crown for years to come.

What else sets you up for success? Our dentists! They have extensive training and experience.

FAQs About Dental Crowns

With answers from our dentists in Baton Rouge.
  • How much is a dental crown?

    The cost varies from patient to patient. The only want to confirm is to schedule a consultation.

    If you have dental insurance, a portion of the cost may be covered.

  • How long do dental crowns last?

    On average, a crown lasts 10 to 15 years with proper care. This includes:

    • Brushing twice a day
    • Flossing daily
    • Visiting the dentist for a routine exam and cleaning at least every six months
    • Not chewing on hard items like ice or pens
    • Not using your teeth as tools
  • What does a dental crown look like?

    A dental crown looks like a tooth-shaped cap with a hollow center where your natural tooth or implant will fit. It’s customized to look like the tooth it’s replacing and blend in with surrounding teeth.

  • Do dental crowns hurt?

    No, getting a crown is a relatively painless procedure. A local anesthetic is used to numb the area, so you don’t feel pain.

    If you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, we offer sedation dentistry to help you feel relaxed and take your mind off the appointment.

Save Your Tooth with a Crown

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