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Veneers: What You Should Know About This Age-Defying Treatment

Woman's teeth after a dental veneer procedure to whiten and fix imperfections

When it comes to maintaining a youthful look, your face plays a crucial role—it’s the first thing others notice about you.

While wrinkles may concern some people, your teeth can also give away your age.

Teeth grinding, for example, can gradually wear them down, and over time, they may develop more staining as we age.

The good news is that you can regain a more youthful appearance and ward off some signs of aging with the help of dental veneers.

Veneers and aging complement each other, working together seamlessly to refresh your smile.

Curious to know how?

Let’s take a more detailed look!

The anti-aging power of dental veneers

Man in the dentist's chair checking out his new dental veneers

Are you looking to reverse the hands of time?

The answer might not be in a jar of anti-wrinkle cream, though feel free to work on your skin, too!

A significant way to reverse time is with dental veneers—and here’s why:

Whitening and brightening

From consuming drinks and foods that stain to smoking, life can take quite a toll on the whiteness of your teeth. It’s just an unfortunate truth.

Though we offer teeth whitening to accomplish a similar goal, full results with this treatment take some time to see.

With dental veneers, you could immediately take years off your smile.

Be assured veneers don’t have to look artificially white.

We can customize them to blend with natural teeth but lighten them by several shades. Winning! You’ll have a whiter and more youthful smile that still looks genuine.

Concealing imperfections

While cracks, chips, and little misalignments can occur at any age, they could become more prominent in older adults.

However, when it comes to veneers and aging, they can hide these imperfections to restore your youthful smile.

Rebuilding tooth structure

Tooth grinding can make teeth short and stubby. As a result, your smile loses its luster and appeal.

Rather than opting for dental crownsThis link leads to Dental Crowns page or another similar treatment, we can use veneers to cover worn-down teeth, giving you a younger, more proportionate smile.

Creating symmetry

Misalignments and a reduction in tooth size can develop over time, especially if you suffer from bruxism.

These can alter the appearance of your smile and facial structure, causing you to look older than you are.

You can reverse this with veneers that correct the symmetry of your teeth and mouth, erasing some time off your smile.

Lifting facial features

Your teeth are a part of the structure that supports your lips and cheeks, impacting your facial appearance.

So, as your teeth change—you guessed it—your facial appearance may change, possibly putting a few years on you.

With veneers, our practitioner can alter that.

As a result, your facial contour will appear younger, rejuvenating your face.

Boosting confidence

Veneers not only give your lips a boost, but they also elevate your confidence.

And when you feel better about yourself, you are more energized, radiant, and youthful, like you could run a marathon or at least smile at any time.

Choosing the correct veneer material: a personalized approach

Many patients who visit our office want porcelain veneersThis link leads to Porcelain Veneers page because of their natural look.

But, like with shoes, veneers aren’t a one-size-fits-all item.

You must also consider material, size, and shape.

As you decide, we recommend considering the following factors:

Race and ethnicity

Your race and ethnicity impact the color of your teeth.

Let’s say you have a darker skin tone. Your teeth may have a slightly yellow tint.

In this case, you’ll want a warmer shade to look more natural.


A man’s teeth are usually larger and more squarish.

On the other hand, a woman’s teeth typically have a rounder appearance and are smaller.

We can incorporate this into the veneer preparation process so your veneers look your own.

Facial features:

As we help you decide on veneers, we’ll consider your lips’ position, particularly when you crack a smile.

Moreover, guaranteeing your veneers look authentically yours means our dentist needs to consider your lip movement.

Size matters with veneers! If your facial features are broad, you want larger ones.

People with a narrower or smaller face will want small veneers. If the veneers are large, they may overtake your face and give you an unnatural appearance, which can have the opposite effect.

Selecting the material

Porcelain veneersThis link leads to the Porcelain Veneers page are recommended most often to help patients look younger.

These veneers are translucent, like natural teeth, and can be easily customized for different races, facial features, and gender.

We’ll discuss all your options and the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision. The goal is to have your smile look its absolute best and youngest.

Keeping your skin soft and supple can help stop some signs of aging, and you may even try other anti-aging techniques beyond serums. But don’t forget your smile!

No matter what you do to the outside to make yourself appear younger, those teeth might be shouting your actual age.

Fortunately, Kidder DentalThis link leads to Home page provides veneers—the anti-aging treatment you may not have even considered.

Call today to discuss veneers and how they can turn back the hands of time.

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